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Composer, Pianist, Cutural Advisor and Educator born in Chile.   

Master in Jazz Performance in Global Jazz Institute at Berklee College of Music and mentored by John Patitucci, Joe Lovano, Terri Lyne Carrington and Danilo Perez. 

Post Master Fellow Assistant of Marco Pignataro and Danilo Perez in BGJI.

Has performed in America and Europe, released 15 albums with original material that features Chilean traditional music and jazz. 

Artistic Director of Chile Jazz por la Paz Festival sponsored by UNESCO-Santiago. 

Awarded "Best composition 2011 Luis Advis" by the Chilean Government.



Elqui River 2020
Orion Lion & Big Band Souza Lima Brasil
Concierto Lautarinos Providencia Jazz 2011
Génesis - Orion Lion
Boston 2018
Orion Lion Piano Impro
Boston 2018


Diplomado de Jazz y Afro-Folclor

Comprovisation Project

  • Exploración y fomento del desarrollo creativo, para máxima performance artística en ensambles.

  • Construcción de identidad personal e inclusión de las culturas del mundo.

  • Incubadora de proyectos que desde la cultura y en colaboración de equipos multidisciplinarios, entreguen respuestas en ámbitos: sociales, igualdad de género, medioambientales, educativas, tecnológicas, etc

  • Reconocer y desarrollar una editorial educativa personal.​           


Chile Jazz por la Paz / Danilo Perez & Orion Lion 20hrs / 22 de abril 2022, Santiago - Chile
Concepcion Jazz Day Unesco 19hrs - 27 de abril 2022, Teatro U. de Concepción.
Chillan Jazz Day Unesco 19hrs - 28 de abril 2022, Teatro Municipal de Chillan
Jazz Day Unesco 19hrs - 30 de abril 2022, Santiago - Chile
Café Crix / Europa Tour 20hrs - 6 de mayo, Bruselas - Bélgica
Fest les Gouts de Gand / Europa Tour 16hrs - 7 de mayo, Gante - BélgicaCanarias  
Residencia Mousike Canarias / Europa Tour
 12-13-14-15 de mayo, Islas Canarias - España
Milán / Europa Tour 19 de mayo, Milan - Italia (por confirmar nombre lugar)
Villa de Leyva Jazz Fest  4 de julio, Leyva - Colombia
Panama Jazz Festival 16 al 21 de Enero 2023



Orion was born on August 27, 1982, in Chile - where he is affectionately known as: Orion Lion.

In 2017 he earned a Master of Music degree in Jazz Performance at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, where he toured and performed throughout the United States, made several recordings, and pursued advanced studies with Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Jack Dejohnette,  Terr lyne Carrington, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, Adam Cruz, David Sanchez, Alan Pasqua, Marco Pignataro,  and Patricia Zarate, among others. 

Since Sept 2017 until July 2018 is a Postmaster Fellow in Berklee College of Music, working for the Global Jazz Institute Department.

From 2001 to 2006 he attended the Instituto Escuela Moderna de Música de Chile and he completed a Bachelors degree in Composition and Arranging. In addition he holds a diploma in Political and Public Science from the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (2013).

 As a pianist, he has shared the stage with artists like: Danilo Perez & the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Patricia Zarate, Lihi Haruvi, Jean Luc Ponty, Alain Perez, and Horacio "Negro" Hernández, among others. He has performed in several international Jazz festivals, and  given concerts in the US, France, Germany, Holland and Spain.

From 2012 to the present, he has held the position of Artist and Coordinador of the Panama Jazz Festival, and he directs the festival’s annual closing concert for  an audience of 25,000 people.

He is artistic director of the Chilean music festival ChilEUropa Jazz Fest which is a production of the European Union in South America, and of Chile Jazz por la Paz Festival, which is sponsored by UNESCO.  

He published  a book of 70 compositions and has released nine albums that merge jazz, Latin American folk music, and classical music. His latest work, LAUTARINOS, won the Chilean Culture Department’s Luis Advis Award for best composition in 2012.

From 2014 to 2016 he was the Conductor of  the Moderna Orquesta de Jazz at the Escuela Moderna de Musica y Danza in Santiago-Chile.  From 2005 to 2011He was the director ( as well as the founder) of the Big Band of the Universidad de Chile. He has taught composition classes at several prestigious Latin American Universities, the Universidad de Chile, Pittsburgh University and Berklee College of Music.

He founded the Asociación Amigos de Orion Lion Foundation whose mission is to generate social mobility and cultural change through music. 

The major Chilean newspaper El Mercurio  recognized his contribution to social labor and his culture,  naming him on it’s  2007 list of 100 Young Leaders.


Global Suite for Educational Purpose

Orion Lion


Seulgi Hwang
Alix Goffic

Naseem Alatrash
Daniel Lay
Layth Sidiq
Swoyeon Im

Jony Suazo
Gregory Groover
Daniel Bitran
PJ Andersson
Andrew McAnsh

Big Band Souza Lima - Brasil
Vasilis Kostas
Nate Winn
Max Ridley
Edmar Colon
Pedro Sanjur
Matt Stubbs

Sebastian Selame
David Rosenspire

Recording at Boston - USA 

 Album 2020

Orion Lion

Alix Goffic: Drums
Seulgi Hwang: Bass

Special Guest:
Lihi Haruvi: Sop sax
Jony Suaz: Alto sax
Jas Kayser: Drums
Vasilis Kostas: Greek laouto
George Kramarski: Electric bass
Malwina Masternak: Voice
Jacob Means: Mandolin

Recording at Boston - USA 



Orion Lion y John Patitucci
Orion Lion
Newport Jazz Fest
Orion Lion y Joe Lovano
Concierto danilo y orion piano
Premio Luis Advis 2011
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Orion, Patitucci y cruz BGJI
Global Tolerance